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Future of Work: College & Industry Recognized Credentials

InventXR apprenticeships provide and arrange for classroom or related instruction that is high-quality and adequate to help apprentices achieve their proficiency goals and earn certifications or equivalent credentials. As an important indication of quality, InventXR programs all lead to an industry-recognized, portable credential, and are also designed to ensure that apprentices receive college credit for classroom or related instruction. To enroll in our program, applicants can apply at the VR School or for inquiries complete the contact form here.

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Future of Work at InventXR: College Credit and Industry Recognized Credentials

Industry-Recognized Credentials Earned

InventXR apprentices all have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials as part of their instructional programs. The credentials earned in the program are portable, and InventXR experts have carefully identified all of the portability benefits in the application. In sectors in which generally accepted credentials already exist such as the FAA, or will be issued by industry organizations or credentialing bodies, students must choose a path towards program completion which will result in one or more of these existing credentials or towards eligibility that qualifies an apprentice to sit for relevant credentialing exam such as real estate. Students in the apprenticeship program  must describe the alternative credential(s) that apprentices may earn and information on who is offering the exam to their advisor and this becomes part of their program.

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Safety, Supervision, and Equal Employment Opportunity

The Research University
Research University
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Safety, Supervision, and Equal Employment Opportunity

Apprenticeship programs all have policy and procedures in place to ensure a safe working environment that adheres to all applicable Federal, state, and local safety, employment, and equal opportunity laws and regulations. InventXR may establish new apprenticeship programs, create the training infrastructure/network necessary to deploy new programs, expand existing apprenticeships, and promote all donor-funded apprenticeship programs within a local/regional, statewide or national scope.
Donor funds must be used primarily to support the training of apprentices in new or expanded programs. Allowable training and training-related activities include funding the costs of developing and delivering training through the educational or instructional components, paid, work-based learning components, and some supportive services, such as childcare and transportation, designed to assist apprentices to participate and remain in an apprenticeship program.

A related activity necessary to support the expansion of training for apprentices is assisting partners in their efforts to create and implement the new or expanded apprenticeship programs, which is another critical component of the work under this InventXR Education Foundation Program.
Key activities that will help partners accelerate the expansion of apprenticeship programs may include the development of industry-approved, competency-based curricula for both educational or instructional training, and paid, work-based learning components; the creation of competency-based occupational standards for a particular industry sector or occupation, including industry-issued, nationally recognized, portable credentials related to the applicant’s targeted industry and/or occupation(s) (hereinafter “industry-recognized credentials” and the development of appropriate quality assurance and data systems and processes to ensure the consistency and quality of the new apprenticeship programs; and outreach to a range of small- and medium-sized businesses to expand apprenticeships broadly within industry sectors.

To enlarge the field of apprenticeship sponsors, we intend for this  program to raise the visibility of apprenticeship as an effective and innovative post-secondary education and training pathway. In parallel, these efforts are meant to increase industry confidence in the model. As a result, we expect that this infusion of donor funds will increase willingness of the private sector to further invest in apprenticeships as a model to close the skills gap within specific industry sectors and/or occupations. To accelerate the realization of this goal, we are requesting that our private  partnerships and donors will make it possible to scale this model starting in California.

In addition to expanding the reach of apprenticeships by increasing the number of employers willing to sponsor them, this  program aims to ensure a sustained, rich supply of talent for apprenticeship programs over the long term. Thus, additional efforts are needed to expand the pool of workers who see apprenticeships as a well-respected training opportunity that is available to them. Donor-funded projects should strive to increase apprenticeship opportunities for all Americans, focusing particularly on veterans, military spouses, transitioning service members, and underrepresented populations in apprenticeship, including women, people of color, and ex-offenders.

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