Tom Patterson, a global thought leader on trust, a dynamic security executive with Government, corporate, global, and big-four executive experience, as well as public governance gave the 2020 RSA National Cyber-Moonshot Keynote in a panel that is advocating for a fundamentally safe and secure Internet for critical services, characterized by the harnessing of significant technological advances, more strongly aligned incentives and consequences for user behaviors that promote secure choices, cybersecurity policy and education reforms, and a clearer understanding about ecosystem roles and responsibilities in building and operating within a fundamentally safe environment for specific critical services.

The Cyber-Moonshot Panel joining Patterson declared at the RSAConference2020 that 2020 is the optimal time to move the country to more effectively leverage emerging technological capabilities to achieve a fundamentally safe Internet environment. The panel unanimously acknowledged that with the coming advancements in fifth generation (5G) communication technology for vastly increased connectivity and a defensible infrastructure, breakthroughs in artificial and augmented intelligence for more automated cyber threat prevention, behavioral biometrics and trillions of sensors present new opportunities to deliver an entirely new way to identify people and new capabilities in quantum encryption that can resist advanced attacks far into the future. While all of these advancements are already here—both to the United States and our adversaries— a national framework to steer cyber research, development, and deployment toward the common good is necessary lest we risk losing this generational opportunity.