The Apprenticeships: Closing the Skills Gaps program will fund projects that expand apprenticeships to industries in which apprenticeships may traditionally be unavailable or underrepresented by providing apprenticeship training that leads to well-paying, middle- and high-skilled jobs across a diversity of H-1B industries and occupations. While program participants do not need to have those skill levels to enter the apprenticeship programs, the InventXR projects are set up to help move apprentices along a career pathway to earn the education and paid work-based learning experience that will result in employment in middle- and high-skilled jobs.
To help American industry develop a pipeline for jobs of the future, InventXR develops products and services that that target one or more of the following:

Option 1: Occupations in an H-1B industry – InventXR will expand apprenticeships in an H-1B industry. An H-1B industry is an industry in which the Department has certified H-1B visas for occupations in that industry. The list of H-1B industries that are acceptable for applications is found in the Department of Labor website. These industries are the information technology (IT) and IT-related industries, health care, and advanced manufacturing. Applicants to our program may propose occupations across one or more H-1B industries, target multiple occupations within an H-1B industry, or narrow their focus to a specific occupation within an H-1B industry.

Option 2: H-1B occupations – Applicants to InventXR programs may choose to target a specific H-1B occupation(s) for which a significant number of H-1B visas have been certified, even if that occupation is not in one of the identified H-1B industries listed in the departments website If this occupation is not within the H-1B industries identified, InventXR will help provide data showing that the H-1B occupation is one for which a significant number of H-1B visas have been certified. Applicants looking into jobs of the future must use verifiable data to make this demonstration, such as data provided by DOL’s Foreign Labor Certification Data Center. Applicants may propose to serve more than one H-1B occupation. The Department is particularly interested in expanding apprenticeships in cybersecurity and AI occupations.